Digital signature

After your customers have been successfully onboarded, contracts can be signed digitally.

Digital signature

After your customers have been successfully onboarded, contracts can be signed and concluded digitally immediately.

Individual contract

The contract is created individually with the information entered from the onboarding and your information. This with your logo and design.

Digital signature

Your customers can sign contracts quickly and easily with an advanced electronic signature (FES).

Mobile signature

With the help of the mobile registered by the customer, a contract can be digitally signed with his identity.

Digital signature advantages

  • Digitalization. No media breaks.

  • Simple, quick and straightforward.

  • Individually adaptable.

Onboarding benefits

  • Simple, quick and straightforward.

  • Individually adaptable.

  • Available on any device.

Digital signature

Advanced electronic signature

Fortgeschrittene elektronische Signatur

An advanced electronic signature is a form of a certificate regulated by Regulation No. 910/2014. It is clearly assigned to the signatory and enables the signatory to be identified.

100% digital

Dokumenten Prüfung

The electronic signature enables the process from A to Z to be carried out digitally.



The customer must confirm the signing of the contract with a One Time Password (OTP). If the process is successful, the document will be signed in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contract creation with process

Digital signieren

Contract creation is process based. Thus, if you wish, you can add further information within the process to complete it.

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Contract properties

  • form

    With the help of the onboarding form, information can be transferred directly to the contract.

  • Sign what you see

    The generated contract is shown to the customer for verification before the signature.

  • Customizable

    The contract can be created according to your wishes, for example with your logo, font and content.

  • Availability and format

    Once signed, the contract can be downloaded as a PDF and thus accessed on any device.

Onboarding properties

  • form

    The onboarding form is simple and understandable so that the customer can find their way around and fill out the form completely.

  • Conditional logic

    A conditional logic can be stored for each field or category in the form. Different types of onboarding can be easily implemented.

  • Customizable

    The design and the process can be adapted to your workflows within your company.

  • integration

    The data can be queried and transmitted via the form or through various interfaces such as a REST API.